Life on a highway

We at Rekka Group work for a better tomorrow. We do not aim to predict the future or keep up with progress, but to actively build it from the front seat.

Rekka Group transports both in Finland and abroad

Surprisingly, our work has to do with trucks (Rekka means truck in Finnish). Our professional truck drivers can haul hazardous liquid chemicals as well as powdery and grainy industrial raw materials in pressure or liquid tanks in a safe and environmentally sound fashion. We offer our transport services to forestry, energy, construction, medical and food industries both in Finland and internationally.

We are sort of like a typical transport company

Before the founding of Rekka Group, transport companies already existed. For as long as humanity has had anything to transport, it has been, well, transported, and this work has been done by people who were compensated for their efforts. Rekka Group pretty much adheres to these same basic principles. So there shouldn’t be anything too interesting here.

Because, everybody likes numbers:

kilometres on the road each year
0 million
tanker trucks
years of experience

“In our world there is no one better than a truck driver.”

Rekka is SQAS assessed

If we say we are a reliable, good and safe partner, we are of course a tad biased. But when an independent international organisation also sees us as such, then the sentiment carries a little more weight.

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