We transport dangerous liquid chemicals as well as powdery and grainy industrial raw materials in a safe and environmentally sound fashion.

For us, safety is a priority. All of our drivers have valid occupational safety cards (naturally), and their expertise is constantly maintained with training. We organise statutory training sessions and guarantee that our drivers are knowledgeable of the hauled products. We provide drivers with work clothes and ensure that our trucks are adequately fitted. Each hauling begins with a preliminary inspection that ensures safe transport. We monitor our hauls digitally and communicate openly.

We strive to improve continuously to provide our customers with the best possible service. We are members of the Reliable Partner programme and we have been internationally assessed by SQAS. We are also certified with regard to the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001
environmental management system.

We haul:

Transport services

Pressure tanks and liquid hauls

Our professional Rekka drivers transport hazardous liquid chemicals as well as powdery and grainy industrial raw materials.

Transport contracts

We design and realise all product logistics for our contractual customers. We take care of the cleanliness of our containers and equipment, load the cargo, transport the products and offload the cargo at the destination. We monitor each and every journey in real time, and when the job is done, the report will be automatically uploaded to our system and relayed to invoicing.

Monitoring of silo levels

Our contractual customers do not need to order products separately but we digitally monitor the surface levels in their silos to ensure that they never run out of material. Each transportation creates a report that is automatically uploaded to our system and relayed to invoicing.

Transportation by order

We also deliver individual shipments as ordered. We optimize each transportation job and through our customer network we strive to ensure that there is cargo in the container going both ways.

Now as a new product!

Green Deliveries

Rekka Group has set the ambitious goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. There are already means by which we can reduce emissions significantly. Out Green Deliveries service is one of those means. Would you like your company's transportation to be completely carbon neutral, or even emission-free? With our Green Deliveries we provide the customer with emission calculations and work together to create a transportation plan that allows us to render a carbon-neutral service.

Join us on the front seat in building a better future by choosing Green Delivery. Let’s come together to take care of tomorrow and make it better one kilometre at a time.

From our customers

SQAS assessed transport

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System for Sustainability) is a system by which the European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC independently evaluates the operations of service providers in the logistics sector and transporters in the chemical industry. The assessed aspects are quality, safety, responsibility and environmental protection.

Carefully planned hauls

We plan all of our hauls with a team that includes the driver. Our trained team has mastered the special characteristics of the transported products, understands the operation processes and knows the roads and routes.

Route planning allows us to save time, fuel and kilometres. Each haul is planned to optimize the route in terms of cost-effectiveness, safety, schedule and environmental load. We ensure that our containers are full going both ways to ensure that we strain nature as little as possible.

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