Rekka Group is sort of like a typical transport company

Before the founding of Rekka Group, transport companies already existed. For as long as humanity has had anything to transport, it has been, well, transported, and this work has been done by people who were compensated for their efforts.
Rekka Group pretty much adheres to these same basic principles. So there shouldn’t be anything too interesting here.

We are sort of like a typical transport company. Well yes, we are a transport company, but we are a little bit different.

We are from Finland

Rekka Group hails from Finland. A country some think of as a backwater full of yokels while others believe we are the home of polar bears and Santa Claus. We much prefer the latter. People also know that the naked sauna culture originates from here. If you think we are a part of Scandinavia, you might think of us as modern and good-looking. Which we are, of course.

We are sort of like a typical transport company and we are from Finland.

Your way is our way

Long has the transport industry suffered from being put into a donut-shaped mould. Where the only acceptable truck driver is one who gets his vitamins solely from jam. Where in order to be considered a professional and serious company with high-quality products one has to be uninteresting. Where the well-being of truck drivers does not matter as hard-working professionals will work regardless. Where dysfunctional systems are kept in place simply because that’s how it has always been done. Where the industry does not have to face the future, even though the rest of the world is already there.

We have freed ourselves of this mould and are heading in the same direction as you.

We are sort of like a typical transport company and your way is our way (you are heading forward, right?).

We carry a better tomorrow

We build a better future for people and the environment. We invite those who would rather drive on the front seat than sit in the back to join us. In our better future people feel well and do things better than before. In other words, they have learned something.

In our minds a better future means well-being. We think of it as a truck’s steering wheel: it is attached to a machine but controlled by a human being. Therefore, the truck is merely a tool for us. Everything starts with a human being.

We are sort of like a typical transport company and we carry a better tomorrow.