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Heikki Virtanen


Heikki is “The Boss” and the very beginning and root of the company. He constantly comes up with new ideas and finds solutions to everyday challenges. Heikki has big plans for the future and challenges us all to improve ourselves. He ensures that we set goals and aim to reach them. Sauna is the best place for man, and at Heikki’s house the sauna heats up every day of the year. Some people might not know that the best music to listen to while driving a truck is 90s pop, but Heikki does.


Suvi Widgren

Business Development Manager

Suvi is an inspiring leader, a courageous decision-maker, a passionate businesswoman and, first and foremost, an enjoyer of life with an unending hunger for learning new things. Suvi has an exceptional ability to seek out opportunities, take the bull by the horns and learn without being afraid of mistakes. Suvi brings out the best in the people around her as she believes that while one can go far alone, only the sky is the limit to what can be achieved when the trip is taken together – and it will surely be more fun that way.


Oskari Laaksonen

Head of Logistics

Oskari drives his Jaguar and dead lifts 200 kilograms. He is our company’s engineer who carefully thinks things through before voicing them or making a decision. He is a practical organizer, a logical thinker and he has a disciplined approach to everything he does. Well-being is an important part of Oskari’s life, which is something that serves as an inspiration to us all.


Jussi Flyktman

Transport coordination, chemicals

Jussi is our analytical team player prone to pondering. He is a very efficient problem analyst and possesses a magical aptitude for mental calculations. Jussi loves data and plays around with information technology night and day when off the clock, which is a great fit for work where the time of day is of no concern when help is needed. Jussi is our own reliable and emotional foreman who runs his own team of drivers with robust expertise.


Roope Virtanen

Transport coordination, bulk

Roope is full of energy and enjoys a good challenge both on and off the clock. Only results can impress Roope. Golf, ice hockey, floorball, fishing, house building, poker – all of these and more can be found on Roope’s list of hobbies. Naturally, everything must be competitive. Customers can rely on Roope’s amazing problem solving skills and high stress tolerance that are required daily in the reliable management of transport runs.


Teemu Viinikainen

Service Manager, repairs and maintenance

Teemu’s clothes are always greasy, but his mind is always clear. Teemu is a practical organizer, a balanced and knowledgeable doer with a heart that is sure to bring a smile to every colleague’s face. A finer professional is hard to come by in this world. Teemu’s passionate approach to his work is always apparent from the results. When he’s not working he goes hunting with his dogs and spends quality time with his family in beautiful Finnish nature.


Tiina Vainio

Financial management

Tiina is our team worker who is interested in people and their backgrounds. Tiina is an easy person to like: she is our empathetic crux that knits wool socks for everyone, decorates the office for Christmas and invites us to her cottage in the summer to play Trivial Pursuit.


Anna-Maija Hietanen

HR management

Anna-Maija “Ansku” Hietanen is a woman who sees things through to their very end. She ensures that schedules are adhered to and turns decisions and plans into action. Anna-Maija loves books and is more than willing to share new information with everyone else as well. Her important role as grandmother perfectly rounds out her life outside of work.


Ville Mansikkamäki

Chairman of the Board


Street address:
Laukaantie 4
40320 Jyväskylä, Finland