Rekka Family is healthy

We care about our employees. In Rekka Group we take the well-being, working capacity and life situation of our drivers into account in concrete practical ways. Drivers are notified of future jobs in good time so that they and their loved ones are able to enjoy whatever fun things they have planned for their free time. We believe flourishing interpersonal relationships are also key to our company’s success. And even if they weren’t, meaningful relationships in the lives of Rekka people are still important to us.


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Oskari’s dead lift result


Number of socks Tiina knits per year

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Roope's golf handicap

“Long has the transport industry suffered from being put into a donut-shaped mould. ”

Our way on the highway

We believe that truck drivers are able to have the world’s best hygge. After all, humour and communality are unbeatable resources in life. On top of these we wish to offer meaningful work – something to be proud of – and we do everything we can to ensure our employees get adequate sleep, nutrition and exercise. After all, in our world there is nothing better than the professional of highways, the truck driver.

We are sort of like a typical transport company and this is what our way on the highway looks like.

How far can sort of like a typical transport company go?

Can we make working life more humane while putting less of a strain on nature? Can we place life as the focal point and still succeed in business? We don’t know. We will try anyway.

We are sort of like a typical transport company and we ask how far can a sort of like a typical transport company go?

Are you front seat material?

We build a better future for people and the environment. We invite those who would rather drive on the front seat than sit in the back to join us. Convince us and tell us why you would be the absolute best addition to our truck driving crew? You should also tell us what kind of work you would be ready to do and what kind of hopes you have: Are you at your best while out on assignments or would shift work be a more optimal solution for you?