Modern tanker combination vehicles

Our fleet contains 24 tanker combination vehicles with volumes ranging from 50 cubic metres to 94 cubic metres. The tanks of our high-pressure tanker trucks have been appropriately inspected. Efficient and quiet screw compressors ensure smooth and safe offloading in high-pressure tanker deliveries. We have chosen our equipment on the basis of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and light weight while taking environmental factors into account. We renew our equipment regularly.

Digital ERP and transport management system LogiApps

In our driving operations we use a digital management system that allows us relay transport orders, special instructions and safety observations quickly and smoothly through our entire organisation. The LogiApps ERP and transport management system is the most important logistics planning tool in our company. It allows us to anticipate and monitor deliveries in real time and communicate openly about the different stages of the operation. We were one of the first companies in Finland to adopt LogiApps and we have been using it since 2008. In fact, we have been involved in developing the tool to better suit the needs of other companies as well. Our long-term strategic cooperation with LogiApps developer Panu Silvasti allows us to build our future on the basis of the best possible data.

Digitalization in Rekka's everyday operations

Digitalization is a significant part of our company’s everyday operations in other respects as well: tire pressure, detailed monitoring of driving behaviour, fuel consumption, logging of working hours and invoicing are all completely digitized processes. By utilizing the latest technology we are able to meet the demands for quality, safety and eco-friendliness.

Towards greener driving

There is no sugar coating it: our industry puts a tremendous strain on the environment. This is why we also put a tremendous effort into changing this fact. Rekka Group also participates in the development of the industry with regard to environmental matters. We are currently involved in developing new more environmentally sound logistics solutions starting with new trucks that produce significantly fewer emissions. We know we can do better and more responsible logistics in the future.